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Thomas Xu
Mar 03, 2019
In NSDA Open
Elizabeth Cullen Dunn, The Failure of Refugee Camps “But while these camps offer politicians a convenient way to avoid making decisions about foreign wars and domestic immigration issues, the camps can only offer refugees a way of life that is permanently temporary. With no prospects for permanent relocation and the basic necessities for sustaining life in short supply, it is no surprise that displaced people are attempting the dangerous voyage to Europe.” “Impermanence is designed into the refugees’ most intimate spaces,” anthropologist Marnie Thomson says. “Their homes are constructed with destruction in mind.” “Since the refugee camps of today became operational, the conditions have deteriorated, lacking access to clean water, food, and shelter, and are vulnerable to physical abuses, human rights abuses, sexual exploitation and rape.” Jack Byrne, Jordan director for the International Rescue Committee (IRC), says some refugees choose to "take a chance and be at greater risk at home than live with poor sanitary and hygiene conditions, lack of privacy [and] intense heat”. Though the importance of having adequate latrines is well documented, still 30% of refugee camps do not have adequate waste disposal services or latrines. A study conducted in refugee camps in Bangladesh found that camps that provided sanitation facilities had cholera rates of 1.6 cases per 1,000 people,

Thomas Xu

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