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Mar 02, 2019
local integration for refugees in developing countries Karen Jacobsen, July 2001( Karen Jacobsen is the Henry J. Leir Professor in Global Migration at The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy and the Friedman School) ( Refugees spend years living in border zones, many of which are also zones of conflict. Many live in camps or other unsatisfactory and unsafe circumstances, with few means to support or educate themselves and their children, and few prospects. Their legal status in the host country is uncertain, they are not granted full asylum, and nor are they likely to be resettled in a third country. As shown in Appendix A, between 1980 and 1999, twenty-two of the world’s largest refugee populations were protracted ones, i.e. where refugee populations greater than 100,000 lived in host countries for more than ten years. In addition, there are numerous cases of smaller numbers of refugees living in protracted situations, including Bhutanese, Chinese, Salvadorans, Iranians, Laotians, Malians, Mauritanians, Nicaraguans, Sri Lankans, Togolese, Turks, Yemenis and Yugoslavs. Refugees cost too much for shelters countries Gulf News, August 25, 2018, In search of a new deal for refugees, African news, But refugee crises can go on for decades. Millions of refugees have lived in their country of shelter for more than 30 years. Two-thirds of humanitarian assistance -- intended for emergencies -- is spent on crises that are more than eight years old. Camps are stagnant places. Refugees have access to water and medical care and are fed and educated, but are largely idle.(they don’t have jobs) "You keep people for 20 years in camps -- don't expect the next generation to be problem-free," said Xavier Devictor, who advises the World Bank on refugee issues. "Keeping people in those conditions is not a good idea." It's also hard to imagine a better breeding ground for terrorists. " it's always going to be too expensive for the international community to pay for.


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